Company overview:

The Antonio Carlos Rosa Computers ME “ACR Tecnologia e Consultoria em Informática” is the evolution and adaptation of the needs of the market and customer in recent years in Brazil. Experience and stints in other formations in the area broadcast made me believe and invest in PlayBox representation in Brazil. I particularly celebrate over 10 years of activities with PlayBox Technology. Following the developments of products to offer the service and customer needs and operational. Thus the direction of this company, experienced several adaptations also decided to focus on these needs. As the business enterprise owner, consulting, product integration, training and support is to keep customers loyal for me conquered in Brazil and also now work with the focus to this evolution of companies and products and the interest of current customers who are on my list, and new customers.

Territory of operation:



Rua Benedito Monteiro dos Santos França, 129, Roseira, Brazil, 12580-000

Contact information:

Phone: 5519984066022