ATHENSA INGEST enables multiple channels of HD or SD content to be ingested from HD/SD SDI digital feeds, analogue sources and MPEG transport streams. Four video sources can be monitored and controlled on a single screen. Audio levels can be monitored as loudness/true-peak display and adjusted when required.

Content ingested by ATHENSA INGEST can be used for immediate editing or direct ATHENSA PLAYOUT, before it’s capturing process is finished.

ATHENSA INGEST offers capture-list import from third-party systems, CEA-608/708 support; and automated VTR control via RS-422.


Fantastic feel and great performance – ATHENSA INGEST offers new GUI for the best user experience.

Optimized and modernized

We have optimized and modernized the software by reviewing and renewing the entire engine architecture and most of the code, therefore improving the stability and reliability.

New user interface and customizable view

A great number of view options and custome layouts

Dockable interface

Panel layout

Preloaded and user-defined skins/views

and more

AJA support

AJA has a long history of building high-quality, reliable video devices for the video industry.

AJA support provides increased video and audio I/O capacity; 4K/UHD playout and ingest; alternate form factors that allow customizable configuration.

Ingest file into HEVC/h.265

ATHENSA INGEST now supports capturing into high efficiency video codec compression.

Optional software rebranding

Optional software rebranding (skin, splash, headers, etc.) in accordance with the business partner’s request. Software rebranding is possible for every partner who would like to match software appereance with their own company branding.