Powered by ATHENSA state-of-the-art technology, IMPALA makes launching a TV Channel a simple act. IMPALA TV is a fully automated Playout and Graphics solution which perfectly fits the workflow requirements of any PEG or Corporate institution, as well as Local TV channels or Barker channels.

IMPALA TV implements a versatile playout engine supporting IP or SDI outputs and the most common features, needed to run a TV Channel. Logo display, Video Scaling, Missing files management, and Live input, make IMPALA TV a professional tool at the price of an enthusiast’s gadget.

The Graphics are controlled via complex page templates or secondary playlist events. Those are managed manually or automatically. The Graphics engine supports different data providers and allows connecting object to different data sources, such as RSS channels, .html files, .xml files or third party Database. Interactive objects (text, pictures, crawl, row, animation, clock), Dynamic text, Right-to-left and left-to-right scripting, Scheduling, Slide Sequencer are executed natively.

IMPALA TV has a modular structure which allows adding Ingest as well. It is perfect for scheduled capturing of satellite feeds with automated channel switching, file splitting, based on duration, and more.

IMPALA TV is available on Shuttle PC configurations or as a software only solution.

IMPALA Interface