ATHENSA, the new broadcast technology platform originator, announces AirBox 7, TitleBox 7 and CaptureBox 7. The established solutions which form the core of the world’s most renowned Channel-in-a-Box platform, take user experience to another level.

Focused on visual enhancements, as well as solid technology performance, ATHENSA offers extremely flexible, modular and reliable solutions that allow full user-defined look that corresponds to any broadcast environment.

“NAKED is the new workspace environment for all ATHENSA solutions”, says Felix Castro, R&D Manager, ATHENSA. “The modern and powerful engine allows us to integrate all ATHENSA solutions into one unified workspace environment. This creates new user experience which allows quick setup, configurable presets and faster work.”

Vassil Lefterov, CEO, ATHENSA, comments: “NAKED reflects both the company vision for a simple, yet powerful and unique business model, as well as our vision of a state-of-the-art technology, made for the broadcaster of any TV channel – large or small. This is achieved through the development of one unified workspace environment which can easily be adjusted to the needs of any broadcast expert in any broadcast facility. From ingest and playlist preparation to graphics generation and multiple channels management, NAKED helps customers focus on the task and not on the tools.”

AirBox 7, TitleBox 7 and CaptureBox 7 set the grounds for the unified workspace environment provided by NAKED. All three solutions now feature new flexible and adjustable Graphical User Interface which increases one’s productivity by providing simplified processing and control. The quick deployment time and optimized processing power usage, help starting a TV channel in a matter of minutes. In addition AirBox 7 natively supports 4K UHD video playout at 25 and 30 fps while TitleBox 7 delivers 4K CG and graphics for highly detailed viewer’s experience.


NAKED – Channel Control