Company overview:

Tulix Systems provides end-to-end streaming solutions for broadcasters and content distributors of all sizes. Tulix provides all components from source to viewer, including encoding, live and VOD stream delivery, linear playout, cloud DVR, adaptive bitrate, monetization (subscription, pay-per-view, ad-insertion), analytics, security/authentication, and more.  Using its own streaming-optimized Video Delivery Network (VDN), the company helps its customers reach global audiences on all major OTT platforms, including Roku, Android, Amazon Fire TV, and iOS via custom applications that incorporate all of its streaming services.

Products overview:

VDN – Deliver live, linear, and on-demand content to audiences of all sizes around the world on every device with Tulix’s Video Delivery Network, which uses dynamic path optimization to ensure maximum streaming quality and stability.

End-to-End OTT Solutions  – Enhance your stream using a variety of available features, including adaptive birate and DVR recording. Expand your audience with custom applications developed for you by Tulix on all major OTT platforms, including Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and iOS. Monetize your content using Tulix’s subscription/pay-per-view billing systems or ad-insertion software.

Broadcast Services in the Cloud: Linear stream playout and ad-insertion management are made globally accessible and more efficient using Tulix’s cloud. Upload content, manage it, and make it available anywhere in the world with the power of Tulix’s streaming-optimized VDN.

Contact information:

Tulix Systems
55 Marietta Street NW
Suite 1740
Atlanta GA 30303
United States

Phone: 404-584-5035