Company overview:

ISID is a software manufacturer specialized in Solutions for Media.

The objective of ISID is to offer effective solutions that put in value media assets of enterprises and institutions to increase their organizational performance.

ISID’s implementation system ensures operation of its solutions within the agreed timeframe and optimizes costs, adapting to customer needs

In all projects, ISID provides a comprehensive service, counting with specialized partners.

Product overview:

ISID has developed a Management platform for Media Content (MAM) called Videoma.

Videoma provides

  • Management systems for Multimedia Content: Video, Audio and Photos
  • Monitoring and recording of Video and Audio Signals
  • Index and Catalog of Content, whether manually or automatically, through the use of different recognition engines, from Speech to text to Face Recognition (Multiple systems available: S2T, Audio Fingerprint, Wordspotting, Speaker Recognition, OCR, Logo, Face Recognition, Plates Recognition, etc.)

 ISID solutions are used in many areas, from Broadcasting to Education, from Corporations to Government

There are specific solutions for the following Markets: Hospitals, Justice(trials recording) and Government Security

Videoma Solutions can get easily integrated within other systems, therefore serving as back office of WEB VoD as the support system for Media for Content Management Systems or Big Data

  • Videoma Compact
    • Videoma Server – MAM
    • Transcoder (for PROXY resolution)
    • Connection with ATHENSA-Playbox Airbox
    • 1 Documentation Scheme
    • 2 Master formats (to be set up from the beginning)
    • Proxy generation in H264
    • 5 Users