Company overview:

Apace Systems excels in addressing a wide spectrum of media content workflows and management with network storage platforms that provide real-time collaborative editing, intelligent asset management, as well as remote access with frame accurate proxy viewing and editing of near-line or archived media. Our products are platform independent, application independent, (in many cases) location independent with support for mobile devices like iPad and smartphones for heterogeneous scalability and interoperability. Apace workflow and management products support ingest, advanced searching, media processing, communication and collaboration, integrated third party transcoding, as well as archiving to Apace disk based libraries, LTO tape or optic devices like Blu-ray and other stages of media.

Products overview:

Tiered Media Storage/HSM Storage management

Apace offers scalable clustered media storage servers with three tiers of service:

–        Edit in place video online storage (vStor product line)

–        Near-line storage (eStor product line),

–        Archival intelligent disk library platforms (ODM product line) for deep archive of media and other data on archive and offline disk based drives.

(Media content can coexist and support tape, and offers option for tapeless workflows!)

Partnership value with Athensa:

Pairing Apace HSM with Athensa broadcast products will offer customers a true end-to-end production to broadcast workflow!

All media data traffic access and protected storage is assured with performance and capacity scalability features.

Media Asset Management/Unstructured Search Media gateways

Apace is the only company offering two classes of intelligent search for users:

–        Apace provides scalable unstructured/heuristic searching that allows auto-indexing of all customer data at a pre-import

stage to any MAM data base. It is like having your own private Google search for all your data! (Finder product line)

–        Apace Global Access Media Asset Management-MAM (postMAM line) offers the markets first distributed global access MAM with

built-in workflow automation, mobile support, built-in encode, multi-site and very large scale data set support through multi-DBASE architecture.

Customers that import media data into Apace MAM can enjoy flexible user defined indexing of all their digital assets for search.

Apace MAM panel integration for Adobe creative cloud enhances the production workflow for all Adobe users. (Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects Panel Available)

–        Apace not only runs the advanced search technology on Apace storage clusters, but also makes it available in media gateway appliance to manage a customer’s existing disk and tape based storage pools.

This assures bridging of Apace technology, media management and workflow products to existing workgroups.

Partnership value with Athensa:

Pairing Athensa IP ingest and playout with Apace MAM at one or multiple locations will assure unified view of all distributed assets for a multi-site broadcaster.

Apace Media gateways, paired with Athensa solutions, can be deployed in existing setups and allow for an easy migration or co-existence with existing customer setups.

Private Media Cloud/Global IP Access

 Apace offers two classes of global MAM access for production (back-end) and interactive access (front-end):

Apace MAM (postMAM): Offering large scale enterprise production MAM with global access from anywhere in the world.

Multiple installations of Apace MAM, paired with Apace global access view, will offer distributed private cloud for customers

Apace (OurTube): A new generation of private media cloud in a box that supports more concurrent users for web based access as well as upload capability of mobile captures of media from field to central office.

 Partnership value with Athensa:

Apace back-end and front-end media asset access points are front ended with Athensa ingest and playout broadcast support offering complete IP and a non IP based transmission workflow options with field generated content all integrated together.

Contact information:

Apace Systems Corporation
2488 N. Glassell St.
Orange, CA 92865, USA

Phone: (714) 279-0100

Fax: (714) 279-0189