A Certified Global Technology Partner is a supplementary technology provider that:

  • Shares our philosophy and core values;
  • Offers functional, modern and deep technology;
  • Believes in the free market.

How do we choose our Global Technology Partners?

We are meticulous when it comes to choosing our Global Technology Partners: from depth of technology to company values and culture, we consider it all.

What do we offer our Certified Global Technology Partners?

  1. We will present your technology to our Business Partners (existing and those acquired in the future);
  2. Your company will be showcased wherever we are:
    • Tradeshows – IBC, NAB, BroadcastAsia, and etc.
    • Our website: a dedicated section for each Certified Global Technology Partner with company presentation, training videos, publications, webinars with our Business Partners and more.
  3. We will never limit you. Our partnership does not mean exclusivity of your product’s distribution;
  4. We do not require a special price for our channels. You can sell at a price you decide and list. ATHENSA and our network of Business Partners will receive a certain percent discount.
  5. We will not ask you for special products or development for us. Our Business Partners will sell your technology as it is. However, you are free to develop special products to be distributed through our network.

In order for a company to become a Certified Global Technology Partner it needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. Offer technology that is deep, current, and based on extensive knowledge about the market needs and technology trends;
  2. There are at least 3 successful installations of the product and the company can and is willing to provide references for those installations;
  3. There is existing (or commitment to develop) full and extensive integration with the ATHENSA software;
  4. Installation of the software is straightforward;
  5. There is at least a basic level of free support (levels of support, what is included, prices for cases outside the free support should be very clearly defined);
  6. The company offers Global Support (we highly value partners, offering 24/7 Global Support to their customers);
  7. There is a very clear pricing policy for each product (including support and additional services);
  8. The technology is mature and has been on the market for at least 5 years;
  9. Commitment is made for extensive exchange of knowledge between the R&D departments;
  10. Business Partners receive a 35% discount of the end-customer sales price (MSRP) and ATHENSA – 10%.

What do we need once you have decided to become a Certified Global Technology Partner?

For marketing purposes we will require you to provide:

  • Your company logo (in some vector format like .EPS) and brand book if available;
  • Product related manuals (or a link to them, if published online)
  • Training and presentation videos;
  • A short mission statement and company presentation;
  • 5 minute interviews with key company representatives (CEO, Sales & Marketing; Technology directors, etc.). The purpose of the videos is to present your company in a comprehensive way. There are no strict requirements regarding the topics;
  • Mandatory presence of at least one Technology person on the ATHENSA stand at all exhibitions (this does not include hardware being presented, but an up-to-date website with exhibition materials is needed);
  • An up-to-date website with technology news, announcements, etc. should be maintained at all times.

For sales purposes we will require you to provide:

  • A clear price list and pricing policy that you agree to share with ATHENSA (we will keep this information confidential);
  • Commitment that Business Partners receive a 35% discount of the end-customer sales price (MSRP) and ATHENSA-10%;
  • The integration API between the 2 technologies should have a fixed price that will be published on the website and will be charged for each installation;
  • If you decide to provide any level of paid support, you will need to provide a price list and detailed information on how your support can be reached (phone numbers, link to the support section of your website, and etc.).