Software Business Partner test (sample) 

    1. Describe one server configuration supported by ATHENSA.
    2. Are you able to install ATHENSA’s software on a VM (virtual machine)?
    3. What is the difference between ProductionAirBox and AirBox?
    4. How many outputs are possible from AirBox?
    5. How do you insert a TV Channel LOGO from AirBox during playout (describe the steps)?
    6. What stands for GOP?
    7. What audio standards are supported by the ATHENSA software?
    8. What type of software protection is used by ATHENSA?
    9. Are there any applications which are not compatible (not allowed to be installed together) with ATHENSA software?
    10. What is HEVC and what is it used for?
    11. Which broadcast cards are certified by ATHENSA?
    12. What is included in AirBox Pro Option?
    13. What is the naming convention for daily playlists’ names?
    14. What  video compressions are supported in AirBox?
    15. With which card/s is it possible to provide Dolby Digital and Dolby E audio on AirBox SDI output?
    16. Does ATHENSA have an IP out solution for broadcasters?
    17. Is it possible to import a third party playlist into AirBox/ListBox?
    18. What does a Channel-in-a-Box contain?
    19. How many dongles do you need in order to install Channel-in-a-Box?
    20. What is DataBox used for?
    21. What closed captions standards are implemented in the ATHENSA products?
    22. What OS do ATHENSA products support?
    23. Is ATHENSA software compatible for installation and integration with third party software?
    24. What is the difference between IP Pump and MPO output plugins in ATHENSA AirBox?
    25. Is it possible to run animation in a TitleBox project?