Due to the increased interest in the BEZ broadcasting servers, ATHENSA created a hardware department to serve all Business partners who are currently unable to provide their own line of servers or tested configurations to end-users. In addition to the USA and Latin America, BEZ are now assembled in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Istanbul, Turkey.

BEZ is a solution that delivers a TV channel in a single server and is only available to certified ATHENSA Business Partners. BEZ integrates all the elements needed to keep a channel on-air by combining automation, playout, interactive graphics, and ingest within one server. BEZ models can provide SDI or IP streaming connectivity for broadcast and cable TV as well as other applications. A single input port is shared between the playout engine for Live pass through, and the ingest engine for recording at the same time.

BEZ run on ClearPath Libra, Supermicro, and HP configurations, and are powered by ATHENSA state of the art technology. Available in UHD/HD/SD-SDI or IP streaming, ATHENSA playout and branding solutions are the obvious choice for organizations of any size – large or small. Their modular nature and agile performance make them perfect for disaster recovery, multi-playout remote control and monitoring, Ad Insertion, Scheduling, and so much more.

BEZ are assembled at the ATHENSA Tech Labs by broadcast professionals with over a decade of experience. In addition, those professionals are able to manage your project from the idea to the execution, while providing the necessary training and after sales support. BEZ work perfectly with TULIX to provide the next generation streaming capabilities. For large workflows, BEZ servers are easily integrated with MAM systems, such as APACE and ISID, and different NRCS systems.

To reach out as many destinations as possible, BEZ are available for assembly by all interested System Integrators.