ATHENSA, the new broadcast technology platform originator, introduces its revolutionary price model which affects all its main playout and graphics solutions. The new model takes immediate effect and is available to all existing and future ATHENSA customers.

ATHENSA introduces a new, extremely flexible price policy. Based on the modular solutions concept, ATHENSA now offers three price trends, oriented to the different needs of each customer – NAKED, ADVANCED, and ULTRA.

NAKED represents the low-level technology base, suitable for small TV Channels that need basic functionality. Depending on customer needs, NAKED may be offered for as little as $700.

ADVANCED corresponds to what most customers look for when they are out for a Channel-in-a-Box solution. The starting price is $3999.

ULTRA is for large multi-channel broadcasters who need complicated automation systems. Such customers may need edge Multi-channel backup solutions, Universal Matrix Controller, Multi Playout Manager, Multi-Channel Audio support, Dolby Digital and Dolby E Options, and so much more.

“The reason why we took that decision is very simple”, explains Kremena Lefterova, BDM, ATHENSA. “Every step ATHENSA takes is a step towards simple, straight-forward business. By reducing the end-user price of our main solutions now, we make broadcasting a possible reality to a lot more customers worldwide. There are many companies which sell Channel-in-a-Box solutions and hoping that by keeping low price levels, they will gain market share. The problem, however, is that those companies offer underdeveloped technology and only disrupt the market, thus making the job of a small or medium-sized broadcasters, a difficult one. ATHENSA, on the other side, offers technology which has been around for two decades and furthermore, it gives everyone the opportunity to only get what they really need.”