ATHENSA, the new broadcast technology platform originator announces the launch of its ATHENSA Academy which delivers the necessary knowledge and expertise to enhance and certify its corporate business partners.

“We are excited that we are now able to offer a knowledgebase platform which not only provides useful information about all our products and solutions but also plays the role of a one-stop shop for all certification programs and courses we developed specifically for our partners’ needs”, says Martina Linkova, Certification and Technology Partners Manager, ATHENSA.

“We now offer different certification programs which cover all ATHENSA business aspects, including software, workflow solutions, hardware configurations, support, best practices and procedures related to sales, and so much more. Those are accompanied with training programs, as well as custom tailored online and on-site training. The successful certification process will not only increase your confidence in ATHENSA products and solutions but it will also benefit your company financially… and it all starts with a simple registration at our website.”