ATHENSA, the new broadcast technology platform originator, announces the appointment of Mr. Uttam Dubey as Chief Technology Lab Officer in India. His main focus will be on after-sales support for all ATHENSA Business partners in the area, including India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nepal.  In addition, Mr. Dubey will demonstrate all ATHENSA developments and technology innovations, and keep all partners up to date with relevant broadcast information.

Uttam has over 12 years of broadcast, media & entertainment experience. His career includes five years as Application Engineer, and four years as Technology Expert at PlayBox Technology, India. Uttam’s extensive industry knowledge, technical background, and management skills are available to all ATHENSA Business partners in the area. Those include professionals with proven experience, fantastic technology knowledge, excellent after-sales support, and extensive ATHENSA software know-how. The current ATHENSA Business partners in the area are:

  • EFX Media Technology, India
  • Vertex Media Technology, India
  • DIGISOL Group, Pakistan
  • Channel Tek Enterprises, Pakistan
  • STN Lanka Holdings, Sri Lanka
  • Communication & Broadcast Technology, Nepal