ATHENSA is a US based company, the successor and further expansion of the market leading PlayBox Technology product line. It was established in response to the technology requests of PlayBox clients and partners for a next-generation, wide-scale platform to extend beyond the traditional broadcast use case of PlayBox Technology. In order to achieve that ATHENSA’s main focus is on technological innovation and product development that will ensure the ever improving quality, stability and usability of our software – an integral part of the personalized solutions delivered to the client.

To be able to meet the unique needs of the clients, we are developing a network of ATHENSA trained Certified Business Partners and PlayBox Franchisees to ensure:

  • a greater variety of personalized technological solutions (software, hardware, services and add-on tools and applications) exists to answer the individual needs of each client;
  • a flexible organization allows for objective choice of vendors based on:
    • a publicly available client generated rating system;
    • genuine competition with no territorial constraints;
    • a variety of price levels for similar solutions to choose from;
    • the freedom to change vendors when not satisfied with the products or services received.
  • personalized and timely support.

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