ATHENSA India: Established in June 2018

Namaste India!

ATHENSA is proud to announce the formation of the ATHENSA India sales and support unit. Historically India has been one of the markets with biggest number of PlayBox licenses sold worldwide. Most of the former PlayBox India team members now are the core of the ATHENSA India operations team in New Delhi. This unit is aggressively expanding their sales and support presence in several other India regions. They are also responsible for the ATHENSA sales activities in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

The ATHENSA India team of hardworking and honest people are ready to help you in your project!

As a celebration of this announcement ATHENSA India is offering for a limited time:

FREE Naked “Channel-In-A-Box”

Software package sufficient for the purposes of any MSO channel or CableTV
*Shipping and USB Dongle price not included


Tel. +91-90155 15544

Vertex Media Technology
211, Aditya Tower, District Center,
Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi – 110092, India

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